NutriChef w/Heat Red Silicone Handles, Oven Safe, 21 Piece Set, Black Rewiew

Professional Home Kitchenware – Basic Kitchen Cookware Set – Multi-Sized Cooking Pots with Lids – Small, Medium Skillet Fry Pans – Durable & Long-Lasting Non-Stick Coating – Comfortable Cool-Touch Form-Fitting Handle Grips – Effectively Distributes.

I love how it came with different sizes so if I’m just making something for myself I don’t have to use that big of a sheet. Been using it for over a month now and been holding up too. The silicon grip is a nice touch and makes it easy to handle. Really well made and are a great value.

Super easy to clean. Extremely light and great for moving around while it’s hot with one hand!! Highly recommend!

I don’t spray anything before placing it on the pan and none of the food sticks to the pan and it’s so easy to clean!

The silicone helps with gripping and less ability to burn oneself. The pans are truly nonstick and a dream to remove food from.

These are cheaper pans that work so well for baking. They’re great with none stick coating and easy to clean. Much better than more expensive pans I’ve purchased previously.

the product seems to be made of quality non-stick material

These are a godsend…. you won’t be disappointed!